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What Our Users Say About Us

Corinne Henry

Director of Institutional Advancement, UCAN

We're very impressed with the services provided by PG. They've given us ways to really transform our social media and email marketing. We love PGS!

Joe Zarrow

Development and Strategic Communications, NeighborSpace

Public Good has already given NeighborSpace a tool that makes donating easy and in line with the rest of the experience of our web presence.

Katie Coleman

Digital Advocacy Specialist,

Public Good's donation software works well and looks sharp. But what matters even more is their dedication to making a product that helps us achieve our mission.

Public Good Makes It Easy To Connect


Public Good is a Benefit Corporation that accepts donations on behalf of all 1.1 million nationwide nonprofits. Trusted by the nation's leading media partners, corporations and foundations, Public Good's platform empowers people to Take Action when they have read about an issue and are motivated to make a positive change in the world.




Too Good To Be True?

Nope! Here's All The Fine Print

Public Good does not charge nonprofits, but sometimes to get you new donors and more donations we have to partner with other service providers. It's our mission to shift the cost of fundraising away from you, the nonprofit, but we can't always do that. Here's the story:

When someone makes a donation through a Take Action article, a processing fee of 9.9% + $.30 is deducted from the donation. Nonprofit fundraising experts place the cost of acquiring new donors at 20% up to 90% of the first donation. We're happy to say we're less than half of the lowest cost, and we're working to lower it even further, but it costs us time and money to create partnerships with media, work with our donor advised fund partner DonateWell, and pay credit card fees.

When you use Public Good on your website and connect your banking information, the cost drops even further. You are charged credit card fees of 2.9% + $.30 only when people don't choose to cover the transaction fees. Public Good doesn't charge you anything even if people don't choose to tip. Right now our average cost of fundraising is .5% for nonprofits using Public Good. It's the most cost effective way to raise funds online, and a better experience for you and your donors than PayPal or other low cost solutions. See our terms for the full story.