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Likes & Tweets don’t cut it,

Generates revenue for new and archival content

Takes reader engagement to the next level

Encourages direct action on hard news stories

Provides impactful analytics on reader interests

Introduces nonprofit organizations to new donors

Take Action does.

Piloted in late-2014 through a Knight Foundation grant, Take Action provides a new way for readers to get involved with their communities and support verified 501(c)3 organizations working on relevant and pressing issues.

Activates readers in the moment they are most passionate about an issue

Simple to embed, no editorial intervention required

Focus can be local, national, or international in scope

Ethically sound program avoids journalistic activism by highlighting a cause over individual organizations

Direct readers to cause-related support pages based on article content.

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Public Good has a fresh approach to this need. In particular, Public Good's Take Action button, by introducing giving in the context of breaking news stories, allows groups of nonprofits access to donations and new donors in a novel way. TechSoup and its large number of members are watching this innovation with great interest and look forward to sharing news about Public Good as it evolves in the space.



- Jim Lynch, TechSoup

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